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                          益丰机械 · 公司简介

                          Product display 畜牧风机,温室风机,推拉风机,温室大棚风机,湿帘墙,水暖热风
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                          Company Profile

                          Qingzhou city Shandong Province,yifeng Machinery,Co.,ltd. located in green islang industrial development zone, the north has jiqing high-speed road. south 309 national road and jiaoji railway. is very accessible.
                              Since build factories plant products, since the country is committed to energy conservation and environmental protection cause is exhaust machine, hot blast machine professional design manufacturers. development ofgreenhouse, livestock. cooling, warming, ventilation and other equipment
                               there are mainly: yifeng series oflarge exhaust. wet screens. automatic coal. fuel hot fan products. plant products with excellent products, excellent service popular all over the contry, by the overwhelming majority of users at home.
                          our factory has always pursued the qulity order to survice, rely on science and technology and develepment," the puepose of"Win-wtn coperation and common




                          地 址:山东省潍坊市青州开发区东京路东首

                          邮 编:262515

                          电 话:0536-3528206 3528889

                          传 真:0536-3528206

                          帐 号:15-436800460070516

                          开 户:农行青州市支行东夏办


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