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                          Product display 畜牧风机,温室风机,推拉风机,温室大棚风机,湿帘墙,水暖热风
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                          风扇叶片是由克虏伯不锈钢冲压成型,无灰尘,美观耐用。特殊的叶片形状设计保证风量大,不 变形,不断裂,使空气体积相同的所有方式。

                          Fan blade is made of Krupp stainless steel by punch forming, no dust, attractive and durable. Special blades shape design ensure large air volume, no deformation, no broken, keep air volume same all the way.

                          中国的电机与西门子电机可用。电机的电压和频率可定制。中国的汽车用特殊设计的风扇,第 —个提出在缺相?;ぷ爸?,关闭电源,当电力短缺,可自行断电。电机防护等级IP 55,绝缘等级F。 Both Chinese famous motor and Siemens motor are available. Motor voltage and frequency could be customized.Chinese famous motor, special design for fan, the first one put forward the phase lack protection device which could power off when shortage of electricity. Motor protection grade IP55, insulation Class: Grade F
                          风扇皮带轮是由高强度铝镁合金的压铸,降低重置,叶轮叶片完整,高耐蚀性。加强筋带轮设计。 消除内部应力,提高自身的刚度和稳定性,不会破碎。

                          Fan belt pulley is made of high strength aluminum-magnesium alloy by die-casling which reduces the weight of blade impeller complete, high corrosion resistance. Special reinforced ribs pulley design. Blast-sanding treatment for attractive appearance, eliminate internal stress to improve its own rigidity and stability, never broken.

                          风扇轴承采用双列轴承防水设计,水不能进入。强度高,噪音低,免维护,使用寿命长。 Fan bearing adopts imported double-row bearing with special waterproof design, water can't enter. High strength, lower noise, maintenance free and long service life.

                          Using high strength nylon swung drop hammer opening device to ensure the shutters opening and closing flexible.


                          Using good quality belts, making sure long service life, free to maintain.

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